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According to USDA, a healthy diet is a balanced diet. In its new USDA recommendation, it stresses one size does not fits all.

For example, a typical male, age 38 and his physical activity is less than 30 minutes a day, the recommended daily balance diet is:

Food Quantity:
8 ounces of grains,
3 cups of vegetables,
3 cups of fruits, 
2 cups of milk, 
6.5 ounces of meet & beans

best vitamin supplements USDA Food Paramid
Other recommendations include:

1. Make Half Your Grains Whole - Aim for at least 4 whole grains a day,

2. Vary Your Veggies.

Aim for this much every week:

a. Dark green vegetables = 3 cups weekly

b. Orange  = 2 cups weekly
c. Dry beans & peas = 3 cups weekly

d. Starchy vegetables = 6 cups weekly

e. Other vegetables = 7 cups weekly

f. Oils & discretionary Calories, aim for 7 teaspoons of oils a day

g. Limit your extras (extra fats & sugars) to 360 Calories

Sadly, most people do not eat balance diet accordingly. I feel guilty too. But I have improved over the years! I started to supplement my diet with a Multivitamin daily since 2005.
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