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In the ideal world, nutritional supplementation is not required. However, while strive for ideal, we need to take a balance view on what has caused the lost of many nutrients or the increasing need for more nutrients such as vitamin, minerals. This Nutritional Supplement Guide page will give you just what you need to know.

Nutritional Supplements offers a realistic approach to help to meet the nutritional gaps to guarantee nutrient intake which food alone cannot. A balanced-diet plus supplements will provide you the pathway to optimal health. Find out why you need to take nutritional vitamin supplements.

This Nutritional Supplement Guide page aims to provide you with a quick guide of what you need to know.

Which nutritional supplement?

Multivitamin supplements

A daily multivitamin tablet is a great foundation to start with when looking for the best vitamin supplements. It must contain 100% or more US RDI of 11 essential vitamins – A, B1, B2, B3 Niacin, B6, Folic Acid, B12, C, D, E and panthothenic acid; plus 7 essential minerals – calcium, phosphorous, iodine, iron, magnesium, copper and zinc.


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High potency vitamin supplement

Most vitamin and minerals work in conjunction with the enzymes in the body. Excessive amount of water-soluble vitamin will be discarded in the urine. Fat-soluble vitamin will be stored in the body, especially the liver.

Long term accumulation of vitamin A and D will intoxicate the body. Excessive amount of vitamin K will post a danger hemorrhage. Too much iron will hurt the function of your liver. In short, more is not necessary better. Use nutritional supplements wisely.

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Cheap Vitamins

Do cheap vitamins reliable? It depends on where and from whom you get them. We know that this is a very controversial issue to promote cheap vitamins and claim that they of high quality at the same time. I nevertheless have done some research on this category of vitamins. Read our cheap vitamins review here.

Form of vitamin supplements

Vitamin supplements some in different forms. The most common type is in tablet form.

The tablet supplement is compact from powder and it is hard. It is convenient for storage and normal has a longer shelf life. Table supplements need to go through the process of disintegration, click here to see how to do your own compare supplements, before it can be absorbed by the body.

The advantageous of taking tablet supplement is convenience. Especially when you need to travel out-station.

Tablet nutritional supplements have binders to keep in intact. The disadvantage of using binder is some vitamin manufacturers use lead (even though within permissible amount). Filler make the vitamin supplement easy to handle by our fingers.

Capsules are usual form for fat-soluble vitamin such as vitamin A, D, E and K. Powders are more potent than tablets supplements. It has no fillers or binders.

Liquid vitamin supplement can be mixed into drinks and food. It is the fastest absorbed type of vitamin supplement. It is ideal for children or persons who find difficult to swallow tablets and capsules.

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Binders and Fillers in nutritional supplements

Binders are used to gel the ingredient powder together to for tablet. Fillers increase the volume of the supplement to make it easier to handle.

Some binders contain lead as lead has strong binding effect. Lubricant also present in the surface of the supplement tablets to prevent sticking onto the throat.

Some nutritional supplements contain preservatives, coloring, flavoring and sweeteners.

Nutritional Supplement Guide advise

Avoid taking nutritional supplement which contain harmful materials. You take supplement to ensure optimal health, not to harm your body!
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Time-release supplements

"Time-release", "continuous action", and "sustained release" has the same meaning denoting that the nutrients in a tablet are tickled out of a binding matrix. This method is used by many vitamin manufacturers to promote once-a-day dosage. This is particularly useful for water-soluble vitamin.

Enteric Coating

Due to some vitamin nutrients will react with strong hydrochloric acid in our stomach, some manufacturer use "enteric coating" to protect the vitamin supplement from the strong acid. Not many vitamin supplement manufacturers use enteric coating due to its cost. Read more about enteric coating..


Under normal health condition, you no need a megadosage vitamin. The water-soluble vitamin will be flushed out from your body anyway. The fat-soluble vitamin will be stored in your liver. Over dosage may cause certain toxicity to your body or damage your liver.

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Drug and nutrients interactions

Many drugs, from Aspirin to contraceptives, interfere with action of nutrients. This may increase your need for certain nutrients.

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Vitamin Supplements Recalls and Warnings

From time to time, the authorities and industry watch-dog issue vitamin supplements warnings to the public due to various reasons.

Here are some of the common reasons like toxicity, over-claiming potency or health effect, presence of non-disclosed substances.

Dietary supplement manufacturers sometimes issue voluntary recalls. So, know your supplements and protect your safety.

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We have put up a dietary supplement recall and warning page to constantly update our newsletter subscribers. To ensure that you are well-informed, subscribe to our Best Vitamin Supplements Express newsletter.

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When do I take my nutritional supplements?

To maximize the benefits of nutritional supplements, take it in smaller quantity but more regularly. This is especially so for water-soluble vitamin supplements.

Water soluble vitamin may stay in your body for about 2 hours, fat-soluble vitamin is about 24 hours. Read the label for instruction when is the best time to take your supplements. Most nutritional supplements can be take with food.

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Best Vitamin Supplements and Minerals

The best vitamin supplements and minerals supplements are the ones that you need and works for you. There are basics and extras, which may address your specific need.

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Different types of Vitamin Supplements


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